September 19, 2021


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Interview of Preethi Vijay Founder of PIWOC ART | Wynswell

Preethi Vijay

Preethi Vijay, is a self-taught budding artist and art teacher from Chennai, India. As an engineer by qualification, she quit her IT job to follow her passion for arts. Her skills vary from pencil sketches to paintings using various mediums.

She is known for hyper-realistic pencil portraits and coffee paintings. She explores and creates unique artworks using expired food items. Being a self-taught artist, the initial learning phase has been tough for Preethi, as she was also a full-time software engineer at that time.

With her family’s support she was able to break the barrier and find some success in her passion. She holds two world records on the title “Largest Coffee Painting” of sizes 16 ft and 1656 sq ft. Her paintings have won a few competitions and are in few art galleries.

Her art brand named “Piwocart”, founded in 2016 has social media presence and a website to look at. She has been teaching art to others for the past 3 years.

Some of her remarkable arts –

She can be reached at
We wish her a great success ahead.