September 19, 2021


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Top 5 Business to start in 2021

top 5 business ideas

Want to start a business, or a side business? But stuck what to start and worried about how to start?

Well ! we got the right business types for you.

Here is a list of top 5 business or side business ideas that you can consider to start in 2020:

1.       Get a Tea Café franchise: This is a great idea for those, who are into job and willing to start business as a side or passive income.  With a budget of 3-4 lacs, one can take Chaai Seth Tea Franchise and can make thousands of profit monthly, that too in a less budget, low risk business model, and high margin business.

Chai is something that every people consumes and it is something that anyone of any class can afford .  Chaai seth tea starts from INR 10 till INR 60, with variety of tea, pakode, and other lite food items.

Check more at:

2.       Starting a Youtube Channel: This is something that requires a lot of patience, and will take atleast 6 months and heavy attention to generate money.

Youtube channel can be start with minimum budget, but gives return in long term. You need to find a proper niche, and need to follow the Youtube algorithm, including the uploading time, the keywords, tags and ofcourse an attractive thumbnail.

3.       Property Managing: You can make a decent money on this side business idea with relatively little work on your part. Get in touch with the local houses, apartments and paste some posters or run online promotions locally those who want rooms/ flats. You can charge a good amount of commission from them.

4.       Freelance writing: There are many platforms like : Fiverr, Upwork etc where you can make your profile, and can get paid. You will need to invest a little time in making proper profile, and a little more time for getting approval.

5.       Amazon/ Flipkart Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate marketing is something that is very much in practice now a days. You will need to sign up as an affiliate marketer in Amazon.  You will get a link, you need to share the link. If someone buys from the link, or just clicks on the link and buys something else within 24 hours, you will get a proper commission. The Redeem/ payout amount varies company to company.  In Amazon, it is normally INR 1000. After completing 1000 you get option for redraw via cheque or net banking.  

Got any doubt regarding starting your business, or have some doubts in getting any licenses or company incorporation? Contact today.