September 19, 2021


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10 Emerging Indian Startups in 2021

Indian Startup system is grooming day by day. There was a time  young minds were primarily focusing on jobs, but things are changing now, and people are switching towards innovative ideas.

Here is the list of 10 Emerging Indian Startups in 2021.



Gynoveda focuses on using Ayurveda for healthier periods. They have products for specific concerns for vagina owners. It helps them combat PCOD, PCOS, itching, vaginal discharge, etc.

Their products help you address the root cause of the problems and helps their users lead a normal life. Based in India, it uses specific formulations to combat these problems. Gynoveda also provides an online period test that helps you understand your period problems.




Freight tiger is one of the top startups in India in the logistics industry. Having the largest software enabled digital freight network in India, they work on building solutions for both the shipper and the shipping companies. They aim to help businesses grow and optimize their logistics. They have an esteemed client base of more than 170 companies including Tata Steel, Patanjali, JSW Steel, Kohler and many more. Freight tiger work on reducing the logistical costs and improving their margins.




Lakshyabags by Aurrera Beaumonde Private Limited was founded in 2013 by Kaushik & Divya to promote ecofriendly and cost effective bags. Since then, the company has been able to establish Lakshyabags as a brand. Lakshyabags manufactures return gifting bags, end use bags and since 2017 when plastic ban was introduced ecofriendly bags too. The company has been launching innovative products, which are sold through over 2500 women entrepreneurs. Not just that the company employs 85% women.




Flo Mattress is a top startup in India that works on improving your sleep quality. Their mattresses are made for specific concerns, developed with more than 2 years of R&D. Their main categories are Ortho, made for people over the age of 60, and Ergo, a memory foam mattress. They also have different sizes for different spaces and unique shapes of mattresses. They’ve expanded into pillows, insta bed, and more. They also have a 100 night trial period, where if you do not like the mattress you can exchange it.



Mumbai based Epigamia is an all-natural Greek yogurt brand that provides more than 21 different types of products to customers. Over the past year, the company has expanded its product portfolio from Greek yoghurt offerings to other products including its lactose-free artisanal curd. It has also entered traditional segments with the Epigamia Mishti Doi, as well as introduced high-protein yoghurt-based drinks, in the form of its Greek yoghurt smoothies. The company aims to promote itself as a brand with an Indian DNA but capable of matching global products.




String Bio is an industrial biotechnology company that delivers cost-effective and sustainable solutions by leveraging methane to create value-added commodities for animal nutrition. The Bengaluru-based startup uses SIMP (String Integrated Methane Platform), its proprietary platform, as well as areas like synthetic biology, fermentation technology, chemistry, and process engineering to produce the protein. It has already patented five of its key processes surrounding this. Initially bootstrapped, the venture closed Series A round of funding in 2019, and also received funds as part of the Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme. At present, String Bio’s target market consists of animal feed manufacturers, sellers, as well as owners of poultry and aquatic farms.



Based in Bengaluru, CropIn is an AI-led Agtech platform. The startup promises future-ready farming solutions, decision-making tools, digital insight, and data management solutions. CropIN provides simplified data gathering through mobile apps, and analyzes them to give actionable and intelligent insights to businesses in the agriculture sector.




Founded by Pankaj Garg, DailyObjects is a tech and lifestyle brand that is manufacturing accessories for your electronics. From trendy mobile cases to earphone holders, along with other lifestyle products such as bags, wallets, backpacks, etc., the brand has grown to be a name to reckon with in the market.

During the late 1990s, when the world was witnessing the so-called ‘dotcom bubble burst’, Panakaj was convinced about the great power of the internet and how it would influence the coming times.

He chose to quit his job and started working with his friend on a startup in 2009 called, a portal that listed companies giving discounts in Ahmedabad.





Everything about ALMOST GODS –– from the name to their collections to their story-telling –– is centered around art and applying it to everyday concepts in order to transcend commodities into items of desire.

The independent fashion brand — which was started by Dhruv Khurana in 2018 and operates out of New Delhi — has received a lot of notoriety for their red, oversized drape hoodie.
The brand’s product ideology aims at establishing “Indian Futurity.” Through their products, ALMOST GODS strives to broaden the conversation around what a brand from India is capable of creating.

Resurrected fabrics give a second life to used fabrics, whether that means stripping off jacquard fabrics from old couches for use in jackets or sourcing used Indian fabrics and upcycling them into shirts.

The name ALMOST GODS draws from the founder’s connection with the postmodernist ideology of levelling the playing field. This ideology allowed Khurana, a brown kid, to believe that he could influence the global zeitgeist the way culture shapers of color had done before. Each collection includes outerwear, T-shirts, shirts, pouches, hats, and even shoe laces.



NorBlack NorWhite, founded by Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar, is more than a brand; it is a community-fueled lifestyle led by two powerful women of Indian origin, by way of Toronto. NBNW focuses on maintaining textile culture and artisan communities in India.

While it turns 11 this year, the brand has been a lifetime in the making. The founders use their own voice, aesthetic, and community to create products for a global audience.
The Toronto-bred designers blend Indian tie-and-dye techniques such as Bandhni and Ikat with unconventional fabrics and silhouettes. Typical NorBlack NorWhite collections include worker jackets, track-sets, T-shirts with larger fits, flowy textiles, and prints.

With an impressive body of work, NorBlack NorWhite have already collaborated with FILA India, Bephie’s Beauty Supply, Budweiser India, Adidas, Air Canada, Melody Ehsani and Footlocker, and Major Lazer on styling the duo for the “Lean On” music video. One of their most iconic products has been the “Colonialism was a Start Up” tee in collaboration with artist Somnath Bhatt, who formulated the phrase.