September 19, 2021


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100 % working tips on How to pass a Job Interview

how to pass job interview

Getting a good job and getting a handsome salary is a dream of many people. But it all starts if you get selected in the interview process. Through this article we will primarily focusing on tips of how to get selected in the interview process, how to crack the interview for private company, tips for the interview in private jobs, how to crack job interview and will be covering topics such as how to pass an interview with no experience.


I will write soon for the government job as well.

Let’s discuss about cracking the private job here. So, how to pass a private job interview?


Well. I am going to explain step by step proven and practically applied ways of passing an interview even without any experience.


Stage 1. The Initial Steps-

Step 1. Do your research if you really want to pass the interview:

Many times candidates apply hair gel and making a stylish ‘professional hair cut’ they go for the interview. It’s not bad even, but DO PROPER RESEARCH ABOUT THE COMPANY, Especially the year when it was found, the mission and vision statement of the company (you can get all these on their website itself).  Many times the interviewer asks you about the knowledge of the company.

This not only gives confidence and adds weightage in your application, but it also shows your sincerity and smartness. So always DO YOUR HOMEWORK before going to the interview.



Step 2. No haircut before 1-2 days of time of interview:

Generally if you have the interview scheduled in 2-3 or more than 2-3 days, try to get your hair cut done few days before only (If the interview is NOT scheduled suddenly). The reason is, many candidates are seen nervous handling their new hair cut/ design. It is advisable NOT to get a haircut, if possible.



Step 3. The impression game in cracking the interview: 

‘First impression is the last impression’. This is not only limited till Bollywood ! You really need to work on the dress sense and the appearance. Get you suit (If going for a managerial position) ready. Your cloths and tie should be clean (ofcourse, see even we are  saying this. Mom also kept it saying since your childhood! Anyways, jokes apart). If not for managerial position, wear decent clothes.  ‘Formals’ look more attractive and appealing.




Step.4 Research about the Job Role- A serious way to get your interview cracked:

Research about the company? (“DONE”). Then what’s next ?

Getting a proper idea about your job profile or Job description is very important. Many times the JD is mentioned on your INTERVIEW offer letter. Still, go for a brief research about it, and SEARCH FOR THE SALARY PEOPLE ARE GETTING WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATION THAT YOU HOLD. This is very important, we will explain you why and how in the coming section.




Now, the Stage 2.

Step 1. Reach atleast 10 minutes prior of time:

Time management is something that plays a vital role when it comes about cracking the job interview. Try to reach at least 10 minutes of the interview time. Normally, people takes around 5 minutes to be comfortable. Be comfortable, energetic and hold a smile.

Step 2: The waiting time, and response:

This is something that every MNCs are doing now a days to test the candidate even before having a face to face round.

There might be some circumstances when you will be asked to wait for a while. DO NOT just sit. Note this down ‘DO NOT JUST SIT’. Interviewers normally keep an eye on you about, and they judge about your behavior. So, DO NOT JUST SIT, try to talk to the other candidates. Try to read the books, newspaper or magazines if it is there.




Step 3. The Entry- Time to SHOW THE PERSONALITY:

When called inside the cabin, just do not enter and sit.

Walk confidently, wear a lite smile on your face and offer for a handshake.

Sit, when asked. Be a true gentleman !



Step 4. The Interview part:

Whatever they ask you, answer confidently. When asked for water, always say yes. As, it gives some time to think while drinking, when you are nervous.



Step 5. The real talk (Salary):

The interviewer normally asks for the salary expectation. DO NOT JUST A EXACT FIGURE. “Please give me 25,000, because my room rent is 9000, I spend 3000 on food, 3000 on my girlfriend/boyfriend, 500 on phone, rest 9500 I will save” NO NO NO !!!!


Remember we asked you to do research about the salary part in your profession who have the same qualification and experience that you hold! Time to use it now. But do not put an exact figure again.

I will share you my story. I was 20 years old when I was selected from 240 students during my college placement.

All went good. When the interviewer offers me to come and join the head office in New Delhi, I was excited. He asked my salary expectation.

“Sir, Expectations are always high.. would like to know your budget..”, I said with a little smile.

It was an interview for sales profile. I got selected.


Use this line if you are confident enough that it will work. Or else just put a diplomatic answer such as “as per the industry sir/ madam..” or “somewhere around…” again, DO NOT PUT AN EXACT FIGURE.



Step 6. The time to say bye

Once you are done with the interview and the salary part (normally interview discuss about the salary at that point of time only, and sometimes they reveal within 24 hours, after the interview process is done).

The moment when you are leaving, offer handshake again, and turn back with a smile before existing. ( I made you remember of a Bollywood scene, right !)



So, these all are the self-tested, applied and experienced steps that I have mentioned here.

Hope it all works for you. Do not forget to tell us how your experience.

All the very best ahead.


And yes, I was selected in the interview, the salary offered was 23,000+ incentives per month. I changed the company after 6 months, got selected in another one at a salary of 26,500+incentives, and when I left the company (after 1 year), my salary was 47,000+incentives per month. It was a start-up and if you do well, you have a good growth.


Al the best peeps.