September 19, 2021


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30 Indian Entrepreneurs Under 30 To Follow in 2021

With favorable government policies, young and innovative minds are taking risks and helping the society in overall growth of the country.

Through the article, we are making you aware about the 30 Entrepreneur and their businesses which you can follow in 2021.
We have adopted certain measures and parameters to sort list these young entrepreneurs to let you know about their vision, mission, struggle and goal of the business.




1. Vigya Karnawat, VR smith & Co.

wynswell 30 under 30

Lets know about someone who grew up around Jewelry making as a family business, She was always well aware of each and every intricacy of this craft .

Vigya Karnawat says that “I never knew I’d be starting my own line of Jewelry brand until I studied in IIS University, Jewelry Designing and Technology. Since then I always wanted to create and deliver my type of collection (Modern and delicate). After graduation I got job offer at an Export  jewelry company as an production manager’s assistant, in which they discouraged (not getting work upto my skills and creativity) me on a daily basis . That’s when I realized I was more than that, I could make a great leader and this job is not letting me to be what I want to become. This led to the foundation of VR Smith & Co. A Jewelry making brand from Jaipur with a touch of heart. There were so many challenges from the first day itself. Like, I always hesitate to take money from parents, so I borrow money from my friend to invest and build this startup into brand. It got very difficult to find the right team of endless trials . But none of these challenges let me down even in this pandemic. And today we stand tall with an attractive list of clientele in this world full of competition as I always wanted customer satisfaction more than profit. Our vision is in making our brand the most qualified Jewelry brand in South Asia by 2027.




2. Vishal Singh, Hemploom

After passing out from JGU, he secured a job at the Ministry of Jal Shakti, this is when he realized, it is definitely going to be a task to survive in the future with the growing scarcity of water resources. Majority of water resources and pesticides from around the world are used to grow Cotton. The high use of pesticides also increases the chance of spreading bacteria, and clearly that’s a threat, especially looking at the current crisis. he realized that it’s crucial to look for a better and more sustainable alternative and the solution was hemp. The crop has more than 25,000 known uses, requires less water to grow and is completely biodegradable.

With the recent launch of hemp based bed and bath collection, they aim to enter the B2B sector in the future. They are also focusing on supporting sustainability enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs by educating, and elevating the Indian market on virtues of hemp. Further, they plan to tie up with like minded distribution platforms and ecommerce portals for business expansion measures. Hemploon main goal remains to support Indian artisans and farmers by helping them grow this scalable resource. Currently, China holds the highest strength of farmers for the cultivation of hemp. India can also soon flourish in this sector as more states practice government supervised hemp cultivation.


3. Sumit Shah, Dukaan

Sumit Shah is the founder of the app Dukaan enables local stores to become digital and use WhatsApp to sell their products. What a dukandaar needs to do is to just download the app, register their business, which takes less than a minute, and list their products. The link to their store can be shared with customers via WhatsApp for direct orders. If we talk how things started than it was In 48 hours, he along with his teammates Subhash, Anuraag and Kaustub created the Dukaan app for Android users, allowing them to move their businesses online.
In just 20 days, this application saw tremendous growth! More than 1,50,000 stores had listed 5,00,000 products across 40 different categories in 400 different cities.



4. Dashmeet Kaur, Zavvy Solutions

Dashmeet Kaur is the Founder & CEO of “Zavvy Solutions” an IT Consulting and Outsourcing Firm. Zavvy Solutions offers all Technology, Innovation, Digital Consulting and Outsourcing services. The team of experts and professionals provide solutions that eradicate their client’s problems. The firm endeavours to help clients, candidates, business professionals and entrepreneurs to excel and win in every domain in the evolving sophisticated world of competition.
Zavvy Solutions is a leading brand which provides you all solutions under one roof. The best part of Zavvy is that you can build your complete business easily without any hassle. Our mission is to save your time, money and make your brand earn more value in the market.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Recruitment, Payroll, Training, Counselling, Software Solutions, Branding, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Services, Registrations and Filings.

She has acquainted herself with knowledge and wisdom. She did MBA in International Management and HR, PG Diploma in HR and Administration, PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Video Production. Not limiting herself, currently, she is pursuing an MA in Psychology (Clinical)

Dashmeet Kaur is a multi-talented personality, she has made her name in the domain of modelling and acting. With immense pride, she has bagged Pageant Titles like Global Miss India 2019 and Diva Miss India 2019. She has also appeared in a few songs and movies so far.

Dashmeet Kaur is a true inspiration for every woman who gives up even without fighting hardships that come to their path. Always mould your life with the power of your passion and hard work, not what society will say. Dashmeet’s accomplishments in different fields present an example of how anyone can achieve anything, nothing matters except your determination and willpower to achieve it.



5. Rachitta Juneja, WHIDE

Rachitta Juneja is the CEO and Founder of WHIDE, an ML and AI enthusiast, graduated with a business degree, and an alumnus of the National School of Drama, Repertoire is a force to reckon with her.

With WHIDE, she found a sense of greater purpose. She passionately believes in her purpose and does not understand the word “NO”. With a demonstrated history of working in Media, Advertising, and Marketing, Rachitta started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 25.
Her last stint as Chief Marketing Officer at Letstrack, Asia’s Largest IoT (Internet of things) based vehicle security brand, operating in the UK, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. She led the company from the front and was able to get recognitions like these:

  • “Innovation in IoT” – 10th Graham Bell Award curated by Niti Aayog
  • Fastest Growing Company in Asia
  • Asia’s 100 Greatest Brands 2019 – Asia One
  • Best Loyalty Program

In the past 10 years of her professional journey, she has been felicitated with awards including:

  • CMO of the Year 2019
  • Top 20 Inspirational Women In Business in India 2020
  • Women in Excellence 2020


WHIDE is a Single App for Ride, Hire-Driver, Self-Drive, Delivery, Food & Shopping with:


             NO SURGE PRICING


             ZERO COMMISSIONS





             LOWER PRICES

It is a one-stop solution for Ride, Hire-Driver, Self-Drive, Delivery, Food and Shopping with YOUR FAVOURITE DRIVERS and with NO SURGE PRICING. It is like having a chauffeur, concierge and shopping assistant without having to pay the salary. Because they charge ZERO COMMISSION to the Drivers, Riders, Restaurants and Shops, it ends up being cheaper for the customer also.

Whide provides Faster and Longer-Distance Delivery in Food-Delivery & Shopping. It also includes features like Female Trust Rating, where female passengers will be able to see how other women have rated a particular driver. GPS/DashCam monitored vehicles will give an added level of security for the customer and the driver.

Whide’s vision is “Creation Belongs Equally to Everyone”. The Bhagavat Gita says, “We didn’t create anything. Nothing belongs to us. We are part of creation, and everything else is part of creation. No idea is original. It is just a mix of existing ideas. If someone tries to take a part of creation and claims it as their own, they are not living the truth.”



6. Genslin Vinodh, Farm 2 Home

Genslin Vinodh, Founder & CEO of a Home-based organic food brand Farm 2 Home – A Mom’s Promise serving 30,000+ customers across the globe. She is a nutrition expert and Holistic Wellness Coach &  always believe that the food we eat can nourish us or destroy us. Keeping that in mind they make 240+ natural food products that are free from preservatives and additives for people of all age groups.

FARM 2 HOME – A Mom’s Promise – didn’t begin with the aim of expanding, or building a company, It began with the simple desire to help her family eat better by cutting  off the processed foods that was taking over themselves and replace them with ingredients she knew and trusted.
And gradually things changed when her hubby came up with an idea of Farm 2 Home and from then she found herself navigating new spaces, growing in ways she hadn’t imagined or foreseen and today with all their efforts and hard work they are growing consistently with a strong customer base every single day with 99% of repeat customers which is a biggest achievement for any business.

There are thousands of tiny toddlers, elderly people, diabetic patients, cancer affected kids & adults who feel huge difference in their health after consuming Farm 2 Home products and that is what they strive hardly for every single day at Farm 2 Home !!



7. Siddharth Gupta, Pelican crafts 

He started 5 years back , when they have visited Kasol valley in himachal . There they saw hemp based bags selling in local markets. Before this they never came across with such fabric , neither they were aware about hemp. But that’s where they find opportunity and started researching more about it . After a long haul study, found tremendous usage of HEMP and how this can replace many harmful existing products in the markets. Also it can help farmers to fill their needs at a very low cost .
In Year 2017 they registered the  company and went to Nepal to procure hemp based products. After procuring bags from Nepal, listed it over amazon and sooner we started getting sales and high demand of those bags.
It’s amazing to see people response they felt great after using this healthy alternative by replace polyster or leather bags from their lives.
In the year 2018 they started researching more such unique products and started travelling to major artist based cities in India.
At present Pelian Crafts is associated with 120+ Artist of India and selling 400+ unique products at a single space. With this initiative they are trying to help small artist ,hemp farmers to launch their products over our platform and get access to thousands of customer.

They are coming up with two websites now which will be a artist based e commerce portal and gave people access of most creative products to buy .
second, they are coming up with which is a marketplace model to connect all hemp companies and dealers in India on a single platform. It will be like Indian Amazon for Hemp based products.



8. Sambhav Jain, fampay

Sambhav Jain is the co-founder of FamPay,  “India’s first mobile-based banking services for teenagers that bring cashless convenience and much more to millions of teens and their parents.” It allows minors to finally make online (UPI & P2P) and offline payments without the need to set up a bank account. The young IIT Roorkie graduate says: Major problem that is faced with cash is that parents do not have any visibility into the expenses made by their child. With FamPay and its numberless card, minors can finally make online (UPI & P2P) and offline payments without the need to set up a bank account. Parents can send money to their kids on the app, with control and supervision over the amount of money the teens have and spend. In addition to the card, teens get their own unique UPI ID with which they get first-hand access to the growing UPI Payments network.”

It is like a debit card, but is unique because you do not require a bank account to get the card. Also, unlike other cards, this is only available to teenagers. Cards carrying the 16 digit number have been used for years now, but this number is not really required on the card when transacting offline. Our card is an innovative product in the sense of utility, one in a few across the world and the first in India.  It facilitates contactless transactions with the utmost ease and security.”



9. Deepanjali Dalmia, HeyDay Care

Deepanjali is a young woman who took the leap of faith by quitting her top dollar job with Ernst & Young in New York and decided to work for women’s health in India. Born and raised in New Delhi in a household of free-thinkers, she attended two premier all-women’s institutions as well — Carmel Convent School in New Delhi, and the Barnard College of Columbia University in New York, where she majored in Economics and Psychology as a ‘Leadership Scholar’ in 2013.  She is the founder of HeyDay Care Products. Hey Day care produces organic sanitary pads made out of bamboo fiber and corn. They are effective, cheap and safe, making them perfect for women who either don’t have access to sanitary pads or don’t realize the harmful impact of ingredients in the regular off the shelf products.



10. Pranav Yadav, Neuro- Insight

Pranav is the CEO of Neuro-Insight, a neuro-marketing firm that has designed and developed brain mapping technology to understand and improve the quality of commercials on television. A principal player in building the neuromarketing industry, he has changed how brands and customers communicate for the better. Pranav advises CEOs and CMOs on how to make compelling connections between product, communication, and the consumer and has spoken at the United Nations, Cannes Lions Festivals of Creativity, Advertising Week(s), SXSW, CES, Forbes Summits, Business Schools, AMA, ARF and numerous industry events. Pranav has won several awards including an ARF Great Mind Award, Ad Club New York’s Advertising People of the Year 2019, AMA 4 under 40 Emerging Leaders 2019, Ad Age 40 Under 40, NMSBA’s Neuro Personality of the Year etc.

Pranav’s passion for innovative, consumer-centric metrics took shape during his time as a Senior Consultant with international innovation strategy consulting firm, ReD Associates. At ReD, Pranav helped a leading home appliances company adapt a product for the Indian market, designed a European metropolis of the future with a team of international architects that was featured at the 2010 Venice Biennale, and helped a gaming company reinvent an age-old game for a changing user base shaped by the advent of social media. Prior to joining ReD, Pranav worked at Goldman Sachs, where he was part of the elite Equity Structuring Group’s core team that established and developed the retail structured notes business in the U.S.

At Neuro-Insight, Pranav has continued to push for a true, accurate understanding of media consumers. Using Neuro-Insight’s industry-leading SST technology, Pranav is dedicated to helping advertisers, brand owners and content providers make the best and most impactful case for their products by providing 360-degree solutions along multiple touchpoints.



11. Pulkit Jain, Citilad lifetyle inc. 

Pulkit Jain after graduating from O P Jindal Global University in 2019, founded male grooming product “CITILAD”, the brand was started in 2019, with a vision that the youth of the country is well groomed, as the better you become the better you attract.
He tells that the brand believes “ looking good isn’t self importance, it is self respect.”
Talking about the product he tells about the “3 in 1 head to toe wash”, which is quicker, simple and easy to use.
One; don’t have to use any other product either for shampoo / Bodywash / Facewash, etc. He further tells, that CITILAD can be used by men who are over 16, and the product is also pocket friendly. You can check the various products of the brand from their official website, and is available on Amazon as well.



12. Parthvi Mishra, Decan Media


Parthvi Mishra is the founder of India’s Leading PR & Digital Marketing Company ‘Decan Media’. Headquartered in Bhopal, Decan Media is a well known name for Digital & PR services in central India.

Parthvi began her career as a digital marketing manager in a delhi based startup where working for around an year she developed the zeal of being an independent digital entrepreneur. She quit her high paying job and started her own company ‘Decan Media’.Having no ‘God Father’ in the industry, she worked hard to get her first couple of clients.Soon withy continuous efforts and dedication she managed to get a good number of big projects in her bucket.

She now aims to have regional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi and eyes to serve digital and PR services in PAN India. Parthvi is a perfect example of where young women can reach if they are given a chance to fly.



13. Shubham Aggarwal, Mid land Agro trade

Shubham started his business when he was in 10th standard. he did his graduation from correspondence with business, got failures in more than 10 industries in 1st 3 years. After than he got right place which was food industry. After than he did job under some food merchant to learn about industry for 9 months. Then he started his own business from very grounded.

His venture Midland Agrotrade is one of the Leading Manufacturers & Exporters of premium quality basmati rice, Rolled oats, Quinoa & many more products all over the India. Now they are into corporate with strong team of 55 in New Delhi & Mumbai.



14. Satabhisa Bhaumik, Socio Martini

The founder of India’s first global lifestyle portal, Satabhisa Bhaumik started her career as a journalist with Times of India in 2016. After a year of reporting stories about crime and education, she switched to digital marketing and advertising to learn more about growing online businesses. “I want to democratise lifestyle. Take it off the glossy pages and create content that speaks to millennials and is read by a much larger audience.” The lack of Indian lifestyle brands which are truly global irked Satabhisa because lifestyle enthusiasts across the world are hooked to magazines published by western publications. Which also happens to be the only point of contact to the world of lifestyle. “While studying in LSR and working with India’s leading publishing house, I realised that there is absolutely no dearth of good writers and lifestyle connoisseurs in India. That is why I firmly believe that it’s about time India has its very own, global lifestyle brand,” says Satabhisa.

Today, Socio Martini is read/followed by people from 90+ countries who love all things fashion, food and travel. Over 5 years, Socio Martini has collaborated with the biggest names in the industry with a team of 5 writers/videographers/content curators from New York to New Delhi. “From the no.1 chef in the world to leading designer labels in Fifth Avenue to top hospitality brands, we have left no stone unturned to bring the best of lifestyle to the world,” says Satabhisa.



15. Abhishek Singh, Kabadi bulao

Abhishek Singh, a young and innovative mechanical engineer from Varanasi, started the concept of e-com based scrap business with the name “Kabadi Bulao” during the second phase of lockdown.

Talking about the business idee, he tells that during the term of his 1st job in lucknow, he saw many unorganized scrap business operating around the country side and the city. He deeply saw the mechanical effort of many poor and uneducated people who were working on daily basis to earn for their living, he wanted to do something that could grow their earning and also channelize the unorganized scrap business.

After discussing with his friends and family members the concept of Kabadi bulao was started, Kabadi bulao is a portal from where customers can directly call and enquire for their scrap and Kabadi Bulao team members approach the location and pick the material at best cost.
He had decided to keep the unskilled workers as his employees at maximum level on minimum fixed salary, so that the pressure of daily earning could be restricted and a minimum amount can be guaranteed for living living. Kabadi bulao has made many malls, Scraping Vendors as their partner to properly channelize the scrap.



16. Lokesh Srivastava, My Rent Space

Myrentspace is one of the finest storage service provider in India. With the values of trust, security, superior customer-oriented services and convenience, they are equipped to address the storage needs of every individual.

My rent space, a unit of solvely.22 private limited is currently offering its services in the following domain,

  • Self-Storage
  • Business Storage
  • Automobile storage
  • Household storage
  • Document Storage/Secure Vaults, etc.

customers can rent a space or list their own space.

During the COVID19 pandemic, it has helped people to save money on high rentals by storing goods with my rent space at much affordable prices.

This has generated employment & revenue opportunities for various daily wage workers and vendors providing packaging and transport services at doorstep for all our storage rental orders.



17. Anand Murti, Anand Murti Eye Care

Anand Murti is the founder of Anand Murti eye care.  He is an AIIMS- Delhi pass-out Optometrist & former Assistant Professor. Having several outlets his brand mainly focuses on Prescription Spectacles, Scleral/ RoseK/ RGP lens for KERATOCONUS & irregular cornea, Myopia Control & Non-surgical ‘removal’ of spectacles through Orthokeratology. Counselling for Cataract & LASIK surgery.
Mr. Anand has won several awards and achievements for his wonderful contribution in the eyecare industry.



18. Varun Khona, Headout 

Varun Khona is the cofounder of Headout, an India-based market place that helps travelers discover & book the most incredible tours, activities, events and local experience in the town including broadway shows to cruises and helicopter tours in 40 cities around the world. Since Varun Khona and his cofounders launched the site in 2014, 6 million people from about 200 countries have used the platform. Headout now aims to expand its services in 1,000 cities by 2024. The startup raised $15 million in funding so far, including a $10 million Series A round in 2018



19. Ajay Thandi, Sleepy Owl Coffee

Ajay Thandi is the cofounder of Sleepy Owl Coffee whose turnover has touched Rs 7.5 crore in a short span. Sleepy Owl Coffee is now poised for a major expansion having received funding from Rukam Capital, DSG Group and Angel Investors in January this year. Serving freshly brewed coffee to customers, Sleepy Owl Coffee has created a niche for itself since its launch in 2016 with just Rs 15 lakh that was borrowed from friends and relatives.

Thandi, who always nursed a desire to start something on his own, was working for JP Morgan as a banker in New York when he joined Sleepy Owl.

Sleepy Owl’s first year turnover at Rs 30 lakh was an early indicator that their slow and steady race to success had begun. Within six months Sleepy Owl moved to its current location in Shahpur Jat, Delhi, which is the hub for startups.

For the first 18 months they only sold black coffee in a box and recorded an annual growth of 200 %. They also received a funding of Rs 3.50 crore from DSG Consumer Partners.



20. Joshua Salins , The Hobby Tribe

Joshua, a 22 year old, young entrepreneur, motivational and self growth speaker is on an expedition to concoct a worldwide hobby learning ecosystem. Often called “The Hobby Man” He is the Founder & CEO at one of the world’s first Hobby Tech startups called The Hobby Tribe. The cornerstone of this company is to provide a platform and career path to artists and hobby enthusiasts. The Hobby Tribe is rated as one of the top edtech startups in Mumbai and has been the national finalist in Global Student Entrepreneurs Association ”.



21. Angel Srivastava, Blue Trunk Press

Angel Srivastava is a poet, writer and business woman who perceives consolation in prose and pen down for several renowned magazines & media houses. She is the founder of “Blue Trunk Press” which brings forth juncture for numerous eager beaver writers and provides a neutral platform to novice comers. Her crusade is to revive the enchantment of literature to the forthcoming generation and to “Make reading cool again”. After 4 years of hard work, determination and persistence, her first book “Severely Brief Peace” was published in August 2020.



22. Arpit Raj, Chaai Seth by Bractburd Food and Beverage Pvt Ltd

Arpit Raj is one of the directors of Bractburd Food and Beverage Pvt ltd, and cofounder of India’s fastest growing Tea and Fast Food Franchise “Chaai Seth”. Headquartered in New Delhi, Chaai seth is offering wonderful business opportunity through its franchisee mode in PAN India. With the earning capacity in Lacs per month, Chaai Seth is now a DPIIT approved startup by Government of India.  The investment starts from 6-7 Lacs Indian Rupees, the franchisee is offering 25+ variety of tea and delicious fast food menu.



23. Vihari Kanukollu, UrbanKissan

Urban Kissan founded in 2017 by innovator Vihari Kanukollu, scientist-turned entrepreneur Sairam Palicherla and serial entrepreneur Srinivas Chaganti. , the plants here are grown in vertical hydroponic environment without soil and with the use of mineral nutrient solutions in water.



24. Ayushi Raj, 

This 22 years old Ayushi Raj bedazzled the world with her mellifluous voice. She eventually got her kick in escalating Glee among people and delivering quality to her clients. Lately, she is working as a professional anchor engaging in sections like voice over art, video blogging, corporate presentation. At such a young age, she’s already spoken in front of many famed personalities. She is a “National Women Excellence – 2019” awardee.



25. Adarsh Singh, AG Fintech Producer Company Limited

Adarsh Singh the co founder of AG FINTECH PRODUCERS COMPANY LIMITED shares his story as what motivated him to start a producer company. He tells, the concept struck his mind when he went to Maharashtra as a farmer for training in cow rearing on behalf of the Government of Bihar, where for the first time he got to know about Farmer Producer Company (FPC), how farmers do farming together and get profit. He asked the rest of the farmers who went with him for their opinion on this subject, then hardly one or two people showed their interest in it, whereas he understood that if farming is done by becoming a organized company in this way, the aggregate impact will be large.

After returning from this training, he started investigating more about it and also started motivating some more farmers to come together and do farming together by forming an FPC, he started organizing gram sabha in nearby local villages tells them its benefits, explains the potential and power of unity.
As soon as 10-20 farmers stood with him, he formed AgFinTech producer co. Ltd and decided that this company will work completely in the interest of the farmers. Currently 5 farmers including Adarsh are the Director of the company

Through this, maximum problem related to agriculture will be solved by the FPC, the core services provided incudes, input supply of raw materials, seed, providing a market to the farmers, ensuring farmers get good prices of the produce, etc . Today AgFinTech is working for the benefit of more than 3000 farmers by bringing them together in a very short span of time.



26. Komal Pandey , The brand Copy.

Komal Pandey, an award winning copywriter & content marketer who has been helping people to start their own full time business in copywriting with her 7 years of experience in copywriting, inbound marketing, content marketing and personal branding. Komal is the CEO of two copywriting coaching and content marketing companies- The Brand Copy and The Comark respectively. Her intent is to support businesses/brands unveil their own unique voice and create a legacy with their ad campaigns & content marketing.



27. Vikas Pandey, Bhagirathi Agro Tech Private Limited


Vikas had deep interest in the agriculture and always want to be associated with the Agriculture Industry, during the term of his graduation in Agriculture, he was attracted and influenced by the agriculture business and the fertilizer industry and wanted to start business in the same domain. After the graduation, he joined one of the leading Fertilizer company and was active in areas of East Uttar Pradesh.

Further, he noticed that the product delivered by the company was not giving the exact solution to what farmers need, there was a gap between the expectation and the quality of the product.
Vikas, on a serious note decided to overcome this un justice with farmers, and founded the company Bhagirathi Agrotech, from where he started delivering fertilizers directly to the farmers at their door step.

With the help of prior marketing experience of the fertilizers industry, he changed the marketing concept for his business and make all his products deliverable direct to the farmers.
Presently, in small span of just 6 months he has more than 10,000 farmers as consumer for his product, operating in 15 district of UP on B2C supply and over 60+ districts under distribution channel.



28. Sagar Mahendra Aggarwal, The Box Story

He is an idea coach for business & marketing, gifting specialist and chief happiness officer. Sagar is the owner of ‘Expresslt Academy’ which trains people for public speaking, confidence and business. He owns a ‘Book Cafe’ cum co-working space for readers, artists to explore and demonstrate their work for sale. He also started ‘The Box Story’ in 2020, which is famous for creating specialized Gifting. It’s USP is creating wow experiences and unforgettable memories for every occasion. Sagar achieved awards for public speaking in Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Orissa and Delhi and has been featured on 3 entrepreneurial pages.



29. Sumeet Pareek, Loan in Touch

Sumeet Pareek, a dynamic personality in the field of Home Loan. He is the founder of Loan In touch,an application which helps people to own a dream house. He has been in finance for almost 6 years and currently operates Pune, Aurangabad, Jalna. He has processed more than 2500 home loans so far. Mr. Sumeet has been rewarded with Global icon awards and Global choice awards, accompanying plethora of rewards from banks. He forethink to lengthen services in 10 alike cities in the following 3 years and altering Loan In touch into a fintech.



30. Vibhank Dhar Mishra, Hindustan Agri Clinic & Agro Services

Vibhank Dhar Mishra, a Post graduate in Agronomy (Science of Soil Management and Crop Production), started his business back in July 2018, with a vision to provide technical assistance to farmers and other people who want progress towards a profitable agriculture business.
Talking statistically vibhank tells that around 70% of the Indian population is directly or indirectly engased with agriculture for their earning, however the contribution of Agriculture in the GDP is very low, if we someway able to increase their agricultural earning, the people as a whole will let the GDP grow many folds.

We wish a very good luck for his mission and vision.